Is there any point following public opinion or majority??

We know to what extent the world that we live in is “ideal”..So looking at that extent, can we go according to the public opinion and majority. Most times, the tags of “dharmaatma”(very dignified people) and not “dharmaatma” are given to and by some really “stuck in the rut souls” who are trying to unstuck themselves. Isn’t it?? Not literally but most times…some other times the tags might be quite apt. So the risk has to be taken to explore. I am going to explain further by my awesome instances: I recently bought a laptop(Avita magus) of not so big of a brand and not a great rating as well but surprisingly it works fantastic and is value for what it cost me. It’s not that going against the grain has only given me pleasant surprises but they were worth finding those awesome opportunities that were hidden somewhere in the middle of these shocking surprises. Don’t you think we got to think twice before we make a stern opinion based on following not so ideal individuals..As the herd mentality is predominant…Check out the video that I made on my awesome laptop:

“This post is inspired by the movie “green mile” where an “angel of a person” had to suffer the deeds of not so revealed evil person.”

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