Isn’t staying open to be influenced and considerate a part of good strategies in this constantly changing world..

Let me clear what I said above,”I said open to be influenced not forced into any opinion”. Being open minded is the way to survive in this “dog eat dog world”. And that’s been proven time and again as you cannot apply the tactics that one used when they were ten years old…Isn’t it?? Having said that, keeping eyes and ears open might land you into a convincing viewpoint that might be a big problem solver according to the present situation but there you got to go through some of the not so convincing disagreeable viewpoints as well. How can you not entertain the pool of assorted thoughts to reach the one which might be bang on as per the situation that you are dealing with presently. This reminds me of the famous saying,”Man has multiple nature”. That’s why I might have a certain view or belief currently but it might change depending on the situations I have dealt with or I might get a better belief system that works more. Operating from a rigid mindset doesn’t seem viable as change is constant..For instance, you might get your desires fulfilled by crying when you were a child but will it work as an adult..Kind of questionable..Yeah!! For some, the same strategy might be working still but again we are all unique with different situations..How can one strategy work with all..Something to ponder upon…Cheers!! Love and light!!

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