Everyone is looking..Everyone is looking!!

When an act, a show, a behaviour, a grand gesture is put up for looking then what’s this pretence “everyone is looking everyone is looking”. It’s all done for looking only and when we look, “everyone is looking everyone is looking”. Why in any respect will there be no looking…

When we need those onlookers for the maintenance of our pristine image.

When we need them to clean our mess after we done creating..

When we need to step on them to reach the top of the ladder…

No big shocker when there will be looking left right and center to see if it’s the turn to be looked at…What’s the big surprise in “everyone is looking everyone is looking”..Most times we are expected to change irrespective of no change(close our eyes ears mouth when there is everyone looking moment taking place) or expected to hide our most valuable beautiful possessions due to the fact there might be an evil eye on it.

Have you heard of “you gave me a look”??How about “I gave you a look because you gave me a shook”….

This post is for looking, so everyone look…Cheers!!Love and light!!

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