Did you try other people shoes..

Let me tell a story…Sympathy and Empathy, the two sisters decided to try each other shoes. Empathy wanted to be in Sympathy shoes, so Sympathy sympathized. They tried and tried and tried but failed to walk a single step without faltering.The End!!..Isn’t the only way to evolve out of ones shoes is to wear it till torn and tarnished then you get to have new shoes…Looks like diving into other people stories and things started way back because of entertainment. For instance, Snow White’s step mom mirror stroking her beauty by calling Snow white more beautiful. The notorious mirror having fun and step mom with no humor going crazy wiping others beauty. Just a little something, how can one become anything by taking away other people life source or things. Will the things or life even fit unless in love with oversized things. If decided to wear oversized things then what’s the complaining about tumbling at every step….Something to ponder upon…Cheers!!Love and light!!

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