Empower others to be empowered…is it old school too??

Let’s scrutinize the above saying.. Have you ever seen someone sitting gobbling everything (humans too) empowered or empowering in any which way. The only way to be empowered is by strengthening others due to the simple fact, there will be equilibrium. The empowered is the generous contributor who through his act of providing services to others is getting empowered and in the process, empowering others as well. All is well unless you are not making everyone unwell because all will come to get you soon…isn’t it?? Soon may be later or quicker, it’s a boomerang!!What goes around comes around!! Even if everyone is listening to “me me me me”, there is a contribution towards them that’s why some listening is taking place. The act of making castles with a little contribution, will the castle be strengthened or stay intact for longer. Then the tedious job should be left to the strong contributors. Let alone be happy with the bragging and that too enjoy while it last…The thing is some things cant be faked. Let the heavy duty jobs be left for the strong shoulders because if those shoulders are bent, there is a tremendous falling taking place. So let the peace prevail with the right candidates pursuing the right task. Still, if the goal is to gobble, wouldn’t it be more beneficial if done peacefully with some limits as the habit of “more” may lead to downfall. Learning to share and grow might work as well. In case very determined, strengthen ones shoulders. Be capable or else heard of the story of golden eggs and hen…That was some surgery performed by some ordinary being on empowerment…Let’s be empowered enough for our own wellbeing…Something to ponder upon!!Love and light!!

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