Dear soul family

Honestly, I would call it “I get you family”. In life, we meet many but there are times when we meet “I get yous”. No matter how much you hide, I do get you. Its beautiful when “I get you”come along after going through similar rough patches of life. What is soul?? Never seen it, more like body functioning properly!! Soul is an immortal concept whereas we got to enjoy being a mortal, know…Going through life, once in a while we come across “I get yous”,their similar ways instantly click and look familiar. We share what we have learnt, the scene looks like, ” I learnt kick boxing”, Oh yeah!! “I on the other hand, learnt gift of gab” Oh really!! “I learnt disappearance”, What nonsense!! “I learnt quick fix” Not even close!! ” My wit is incomparable”. The like minded souls yeah!! The life journey with its ups and downs and the moments with I get yous. To keep the fire lit, it’s an inner something, may be a soul, that propels us to take action by supporting encouraging the like minded back door or front door to continue moving forward enjoying this magical roller coaster ride. So what’s up I get yous!! Cheers to life!!Love and light!!

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