Ego Trip

Let me take you through a ego trip. Firstly let’s take a personal trip…It starts from home from the mirror, looking at the mirror saying “how dare you make me look like that”, it ends with breaking the mirror. Secondly when the personal trip proceeds more, looking at some people around saying “how dare they look better than me”, so spilling the ego(a ketchup or soup) on everyone’s dress to spoil it..

Moving onto professional trip, it starts from having an argument with a fellow staff over not bringing him a cup of coffee and ends at listening to get me a cup of coffee by the boss(not liking it though atall)..the coffee is served besides ego tripping….

Further onto a self trip, it starts from “how dare someone ask me to serve anything” (having a self talk) and ends at “I got to fulfill my needs wants desires”.

That’s why there are more chances to have not so damn good day with the Ego as companion…Ego though is not confident in itself too, saying itself E go…..

Anyways check out the link below to trip on something delicious:

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