Did you find yourself??

How do one find oneself?? Let me see,the way to personal learning is………..firstly it’s a long way. Secondly, the most common popular viewpoint to follow would be finding oneself in another person. Thirdly, self improvement would also be possible through clinging to an image we find glamorous. Fourthly, another hugely accepted way heard of personal development is travelling to another physical dimension(call it a country or a different physical space). All these are ways to personal learning, accepted…The dilemma is the absence of another person will make us lost; finding solace in an image will make us obligated to maintain that image(what if the plan changes, the person plans to look for a place to just grow fat and old). Then comes travelling to a new place which without doubt will make us lost in the beginning to find our way, isn’t it??…After getting lost in so many ways, did you notice, the way to find oneself is getting lost over and over again. Same as life is a journey to heal ourselves over and over again to stay whole. That’s why create yourself while finding yourself back…Cheers!!

Check out this course on personal learning below to learn how to be whole over and over again:




A link to bean bag below to sit think about finding oneself:


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