Who are you???

Have you ever been taunted by x y and z with no contribution in your life whatsoever to be this and that or you better be a super human else be doomed?? Yeah…wouldn’t the response be most likely, “who are you??” Or you better shut up.. .Anyways jokes apart, who are we?? Has it ever come to our mind?? Most times the overly dramatic character of the real life family movie has distributed roles for the roleplay like “I will be the superman superwoman or super model and you will play the role of cleaning the robe of super person”. In other words, we been handed over the characteristics to carry forward the big legacy you know…Are we the overly enthusiastic chirpy person that is expected of us?? Are we the heads in the cloud rigid dominating tyrant that is expected by others?? Who are we?? I guess we are the character that gets us the most rewards, isnt it…and why the hell will we be answerable to the overly dramatic who says ” who the hell you think you are”(the ones with no positive contribution)…yeah..Cheers!!Love and light!!

I recently while doodling, realized my long lost joy of drawing..I like to doodle that’s who I am..

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