What will happen when you get carried away with your newly found passions….

Life is about learning new skills, going on adventures, being with like minded souls and sharing your experiences for further enrichment. As we all think differently, the definition of life might be different for others. The one such passion of my life that I am sharing here is tasting different cuisines from different places which led me to setbacks like wasting money, spoiling my taste buds and ruining my health. So, what happened exactly was that I got obsessed with the notion of trying every new dish that I saw on videos and advertisements just for adventure and thrill seeking without giving it a thought that we all have different taste buds and our body is used to certain kind of taste preferences. It started with fun and some tasty dishes but soon I was eating stinky disgusting raw dishes just for the sake of change and trying everything new. The important realization that I had later was that it takes trying to know what you actually like and dislike. It further adds gratitude for the present circumstances and instills a knowing that we are all made differently, think differently, need and want differently for fulfillment and enrichment.

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