The basic principle of living is to keep moving forward and not to be rigid otherwise the statue who is lifeless is no less.
Staying stagnant and stuck even if it comes to brain is detrimental as it’s going to freeze and will hamper your functioning. For instance, you are walking and instead of looking forward, you keep looking back just to ensure safety, will it not hamper your walking and endanger your life more.

We can learn a lot from how our human body function, the emotional state is quite similar. When we are stuck in the emotional turmoils of the past, how can we live our life forward. It’s very important to let the bygones be bygones and be in the state of liquid not solid because that’s how we function, there is no other way we can function. Overthinking can lead you to this state which is dysfunction and not letting you live a healthy life. Keep living forward not backward!!

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