Climbing the corporate ladder is the goal of any working person and that’s completely viable as its part of learning growing and expansion. Titles and growing in hierarchy is a part of being appreciated for the work well done and trust that’s been shown in order to do even better. Everything is just fine but the one thing that’s questionable is that the titles are achieved for one’s own growth or for fitting in the egotist world suppressing others, taking out one’s own frustration and creating further unpleasant scenarios for everyone at work. Most promotions do come with a pay hike and as far as its concerned, its a work promotion not a personal self promotion, then why the expectation of bowing down from others.. something that doesn’t make any sense. As a result of this environment, there comes the making of ass kissers who are work shirkers and are in there for their own selfish motives with no concern about anything whatsoever. Looking at such a working trend, is the work environment productive or not…something that needs to be thought upon…Cheers!!

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