Is favouritism upto any good??

Isn’t favouritism like when I make my massager, a head in the accounting department, yeah…How will it work?? Well, it will work like this, the demonstration below:

When the expertise in “you are very nice kind and handsome” is put into “where is my bill??” “I am short of funds”..”What a slow service??”

The way to handle wouldn’t be very likely the same which is, ” you are so nice beautiful, be patient and sit, have a cup of tea”..

And the response most likely be, “what nonsense”, isn’t it???

Anyways long story short this is the main reason why some of us pronounce wrong growing up; not get our services for which we paid for; matches and contest losing out on important platforms, isn’t it??

Well well well, isn’t it more like a person caressing from one hand while digging a whole at the back from the other..Is it any good for the promotional banners of favouritism, in the short run or long run?? Are there any chances of those banners reinforcing? Something to ponder upon above…

Check out this below, “my favourites”:

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