Did you ask for help, you might be getting it.

If you have received help in the past, you know by now that it’s a give and take transaction. There is an expectation in return if not instantly, may be! later in life. The expectation can be in the same form or sometimes you might have to sell your soul in order to repay it. Nothing is free in this world. You might be singing songs in the praise of “the helpful” and cursing the ones who bluntly tells you the truth and encouraging you to “self help”. As I said, in case you ask for help, you might be receiving it but its important to scrutinize and see what kind of help is going to help you live a life worth living. It totally depends on the price you willing to pay…Weigh the pros and cons, check the details because most times the devil is in the details..Cheers!! Love and light!!

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