So you have kept ”everyone” happy, now what’s next..

Firstly, it’s next to impossible to keep everyone happy without twisting the images of some, make them the bad person to have such an impression. In case you do succeed in that, what are you planning to lead your life as, a toy who will be dressed and played with, according to whims and fancies. The only way most people are happy when you be behave and do exactly the way they like you to. No surprise, some have started their training right from being small, not late still, if that’s the art to be perfected, practice practice practice. What’s the irony again here is, you still got to work on yourself rather than focusing on others. So, whether the idea is to live as a toy making others life convenient or your own. Let’s not talk about the option of breaking the pattern, it’s too difficult you see!! Let’s follow the easy way out, by starting the practice now: Sit! Stand!! Smile!!! Eat!!!! No stretching arms!! No putting your hands or foot in mouth, that’s not allowed!! Practice to be continued till perfected ..Cheers!! Let’s have a pleasant world!!

4 thoughts on “So you have kept ”everyone” happy, now what’s next..

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