How long does a forced connection work and what will be the result of it…

We click…we make a connection. It’s quite instant. Isn’t it?? What’s this tactic of putting a gun on someone’s head to stay connected…How long is it gonna last and how fruitful or happy would it be?? What is this.. some kind of control tactic?? What will be the result of messing with free will?? A miserable self because that’s what the result is going to be. How can you use control and manipulation tactics to have healthy connections?? It’s like tying someone to the chair just because you will get the presence.Will that presence be pleasant or fulfilling enough. How can you stay connected by making the foundation not on happy terms but some dark twisted entanglement of emotions to keep what intact…How about adopting a dog but the dog will also bark if chained for long…Not to make it complicated, a willful connection is what is going to be pleasant. Isn’t it?? We want a happily ever after not a miserable ever after..Simple but complicated..yeah!!Cheers to a pleasant world!!

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