When you start out…

When you start out, whether in personal life or professional or spiritual or maybe venturing out in space, I am sure you also must have noticed that we meet the desperate first. For the simple reason, they are desperate to start out, isn’t it…Anyways when starting out to learn from the desperate, they mostly disappear like a flash of lightning. Secondly, we meet the competition of desperate, they are busy giving competition to the desperate in desperation, so you hardly get to meet them. Thirdly the undercover chaos makers aka the copy cats, they are quietly copying the desperate, when one even thinks of copying them, they out of defense mode highlight “this is the original version not to be copied”. Nevertheless, if you do not give up, you do get to meet the originals, you recognize them by seeing they too busy learning which makes them hard to meet when you start out. The meeting with originals, one surely loves it due to the fact there is so much you can learn without the desperate competition. This post is for all the learners out there. Learning leads to growing, isn’t it…..

In case you starting out your career in customer care industry, do check out the course below on telecalling etiquettes:


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