Once upon a time there were three dogs who were very adept in adopting their master’s habits. One master was a user, he like to use people and discard them like things. His dog was learning the same from the stay in his master’s house. His pet dog during the day used to eat all the things including the mattresses but when the time came to guard the house at night, he was always nowhere to be seen. The master used to wander around the house searching to no avail…

Second master was a professional liar who lie about the smallest of small things. His pet dog used to see him hide dog food and sometimes not give him food at all only a small bowl of water. So, this dog now opting for the same habit which was after biting the other dogs in the neighborhood came peacefully to sleep near the master while disturbing the entire neighborhood with other dogs barking..

Third master was nothing but shit because of his shitty behavior. The cruel acts of master started from shaving his pet dog beautiful fur due to the fact he hated fur on dogs. He always kept the dog tied with no food and water. Sometimes to punish and tame the dog also used to beat him with a belt. As a result when the master took him out for a walk, he used to shit the entire path to the way back home. He wanted someone to help him, however when no one came, he realized he got to make changes in his strategy. Instead of the walking path, he started to shit in every corner of the master’s house. All limits were crossed when the master once took him out to a party where he embarrassed him terribly with the same repeated behavior. Now, the master had no other option but to let him loose as he was being such a great burden.

Once all the masters gathered at the same bench in the garden by serendipity. They were all sitting looking at the other pet dogs in the garden wondering why do they look such angels and useful pet unlike ours.

Moral of the story: One reaps what one sows. Whatever the creatures see, they adapt to it due to curiosity. Be careful with what attitude behavior you spreading, it might be spreading leaps and bounds.

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