The small mouth that couldn’t speak properly

There was once an obedient sheep who used to do “mei mei mei”. Now, this sheep out of all sheeps used to say “me me me” for everything actually but it was taken otherwise. So one fine day, the shepherd was in a good mood. These sheeps were asked, “who wants grass to eat”, it answered “me me me” quickly. It was asked again, “who wants more to eat”, it jumped on the answer “me me me”. The “me me me” was going fine till one day when the shepherd was again in a good mood. He asked, “who is my favourite”, it again answered “me me me” swiftly. He again asked, “who is going to go for a stroll”, it again said with leaps and bounds leaving all sheeps behind “me me me”.The shepherd and sheep were taking a stroll in the forest, where suddenly out of nowhere they had an encounter with a lion. The shepherd now obviously asked, “who will become the food of the lion”, and without a doubt, out of self obsession, it said “me me me”. The shepherd ran away and lion feasted on “me me me”….

Moral of the story: Self obsession can lead to self destruction with noone to blame but “me me me”.

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