Once there was a squirrel who fell in love with the mighty dinosaur. The squirrel desperately wanted to spend some time with the dinosaur but she knew she had no chance to be noticed because of her tiny appearance. After much thought, she came up with an idea, she called all the squirrels, they stood one over the other to make a tall structure and after standing tall wore a long robe to hide it. Now, the dinosaur every afternoon used to come on top of the mountain to soak the sun and sit near a pond…the very same time, the squirrel made the appearance. Still the dinosaur didn’t pay any attention at first, however looking at the weird structure, he did pay another glance. Wasting no time, the squirrel went near the dinosaur to sit next to it, started to engage him with her witty stories. It became a routine where the dinosaur was also taking interest to listening to those stories with all ears. The problem arose when the squirrel got jealous of the other squirrels getting his attention as well. The next day same sitting and engaging with the dinosaur, the squirrel’s jealousy got out of hand, as a result, she pushed back on other squirrels which spoiled everything by getting the facade revealed. The dinosaur got enraged which made all the squirrels flee in no time. That was the love story of squirrel and dinosaur. Dinosaur now repelled every squirrel existed.

Moral of the story: One should dream big but never forget the resources that will help in achieving the dreams..

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