The origin of haters

Do you have haters?? Most likely, due to the fact, it’s very easy to make haters. I tell you, it starts from, “give me this”; “give me that”; “give me your falaana dhimkaana”; most likely these “falaana dhimkaana” we give also by saying “here take it”. Till here, everything is alright then they start asking; give me your arm, give me your heart, give me your soul, give me your life force and we say “not a chance”, from there they become haters. Did you see how easy it is to make haters, though does not make any sense but they are hating you see. They also say “love your haters”. Now you must be knowing the whole idea behind this one liner, out of convenience to always be on a safer side. Anyways, this challenge of loving the haters will infact surround us with haters. As a result there would be no choice left but to love the haters. Now the whole notion behind this becomes really clear, isn’t it?? One gets to adjust compromise, whereas the other gets to hate and then be loved for hating, completely get it. Which side do we take then, very convenient, no guesses at all…Cheers!!Love and light!!

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