Taking the load off the chest…

I say to you, these ways of the world are so terribly easy that anyone can ace it which is the reason there is so much competition jealousy strife. There can be so many champions looking at these following ways:

The way to accumulate is start calling everyone around a thief the moment your accumulation is in any sort of danger…Did you find any challenge there?? I told you it’s easy..

The way to have a sharp image is start tainting the image of the ones around you the moment the image is getting tainted..Any challenge?? Take the load off your chest..easy..Get rid of it..

Talking about insecurities I tell you.. it is so much on the face with no secrecy. Want to see a demonstration:

The insecurity: ” you think i am anpad gawar”(uneducated)

(The insecurity responds without even touching, forget about poking)

Let’s see how can we respond to the insecurity………….thought a lot, could not find a way..

Something to ponder upon “why will something bother the other person unless it bothers you”..The insecurities are so loud sometimes I say to you which is why there is no need for loudspeakers, didn’t you hear them all around you in the form of “you think I am crazy”, “you think I am mannerless”…

Finally taking the load off the chest, “there are so many champions(the one who overcome some challenges) who despite not being so educated well equipped have made it to the end without throwing their hands in the air making a showcase of their insecurities…

Anyhow then what’s wrong with bullying the bully and manipulating the manipulator due to the fact there is so much insecurities and followings of “taking the load off the chest” you see….Cheers!! Love and light!!

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