Relatives are known as extended families

This has just remained a saying that relatives are extended families and the people whom you can rely on. People have lost their bond and fondness. Brothers have feelings of rivalry and greed. There are so many instances where they are ready to slit throats for properties. The aunties are all jealous and trying to make their  image by pulling other people down. The cousins are in competition among each other. Where is love and harmony?? Where are those genuine feeling?? Well..there is love but it has turned into selfish love that includes the wife and kids only….The circle of trust is shrinking….The love for the world is missing….As it’s conditional love….The conditions put forward are : Do I know you?? Can I gain something from you?? What do you want in return? Can you fulfill my needs? Can you be of any use in the future? Materialistic world…Where people love things and use people…..The change in mindset needs to take place….If people cannot love humanity as a whole then they don’t know how to love their near and dear ones also as they are keeping them also for their own selfish motives….

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