One upping to reach the uppest up I guess..

What are these conversations…very enjoyable I guess, the conversations full of one upping. Have you encountered these fun loving conversations?? It’s more like slapping each other conversations to be precise. If I go ahead to elaborate it, the demonstrations would look like:

Anonymous: I took a cup of coffee in the morning.

The reply: I took a jar of coffee in the morning you see..

Let’s proceed,

Anonymous: Do you know I recently got a Regal Credit Card you know..

The reply: Just a regal credit card. ..c’mon how do you manage with one, I already have two of them..

Inside conversation with oneself…what do you think I am any less..

Anyways, continuing the war of one upping to see who gets the last reply…

Anonymous: Where did you go this vacation, I went on rock climbing..

The reply: What a coincidence, I went on mountain climbing and do you know there are more rocks there..

Not giving up at all:

Anonymous: Jolly good …Stupendous Fantafabulous..

The reply: Jostupendousfantalousbajolofagrandabous..(I know better than you)

Anonymous: What is this nonsense, I can leave this conversation anytime, you see..

The reply: Disappeared…in a few seconds, nowhere to be seen…

Did you enjoy this conversation?? Would really like to indulge in this conversation, yeah…linguistic connoisseurs I guess…Anyhow, check out this course below to not get the last reply but to gain the tenacity to stay put which will make one last longer in the conversation:

Moral of this post: If we would have known better, we would have done better.. Make your haters love at the right time when ready for transformation transition, otherwise there are repercussions involved..

Stay connected!!

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