Narcissists love story

Once there was a Narcissist of not so contaminated world. After exploring himself reaching his full potential, he thought now let me explore this arena of love. He was on the expedition of giving spreading love to see and find the one who will not exploit this beautiful perceived feeling called love. He was on the path but the mistake he did was while gathering, unknowingly he also collected some narcissist takers of the contaminated world in the form of loyal receivers. These narcissist takers were on the expedition of taking love with no love to give because there was none that’s why they were taking know. The narcissist giver was giving and giving because the takers had no limit set for taking. There came a time when the narcissist giver also had no love to give left and that’s when the cold hearted narcissists came into origin. That’s the story behind the making of narcissists.

Moral of the story: love stories are not the cup of tea of takers so takers should not waste time on these futile emotions of giving when there is nothing to give in the first place..

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