More more more some more

This is a story of a community long back, yeah, very haughty and happy with more more more some more…They believed completely and preach the art of more more and never “no more”. They acquired more and more but the problem arose when the “how” of the more and more came into limelight which was not very compatible with the limelight as the limelight was too bright and the “how” had unpleasant shades which might get visible. What happened?? The more and more was acquired by taking more and more from other beings without giving anything in return. Now what happened?? They soon realized they had to sacrifice their desire of the limelight and acquire more and more quietly. So they continue acquiring more more more and some more which couldn’t have been possible without this realization..

More More More Some More

Moral of the story: Sacrifice is matter how unique it is..yeah..

This story bear no resemblance to anyone in particular, so it can surely have a different end. Any ideas for a different end, do share…Cheers..

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