Have you noticed that everyone is trying to outsmart the other in the pursuit of happiness through being declared as the winner. Will this shallow victory even last long…?? Most hurdles and battles revolve round the ego getting hurt because someone tripped on words or fell short of words and in order to get back to the person, a full fledged battle is the after effect of most of the chaotic situations like this. Isn’t it worthless and useless because it can be easily be avoided by trying to keep the company of like minded souls and avoiding disasters like this. Sadly, it’s not the case, what the situation is,”if they find someone differing in opinion, they would rather deliberately be befriended just to prove “their way or the highway” rather than limiting the conversation and leaving their way. Entertaining a different point of view is so hard to digest in some countries among people that people are just putting each other down in order to prove their superiority. Why can’t we peacefully live within our tribe if we do not get along with any other or you can also find your pride of like minded people rather than indulging in meaningless chatters where having the last word is the priority. There are so many chaotic situations that can actually be saved if we prioritize living in peace rather than resting in peace. Love and Peace!

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