Indulge in Art…

Indulge in art and flow with it…There is nothing more peaceful than being creative. Check out some nail art that I try my hand at:

Some creativity on nails

How about being creative with food…Be creative with Aloo(Potatoe)…Check out how to make Aloo ka Paratha below:

Aloo Ka Paratha

And yes if looking forward to display the creativity, check out the offers on hosting plans on Hostinger below:

Hostinger Hosting plan offers

Also check out Udemy APAC best offers this week below:

Diskon besar untuk masa depan cerah — kursus mulai Rp129,000

Big savings for a bright future — courses from S$17.98

Our Independence Day Sale is here! Udemy online courses start at just ₹449.

Promo Hari Kemerdekaan sudah dimulai! Kursus online Udemy mulai hanya Rp 109,000

Belajar Ilmu Data. Kursus mulai IDR129.000

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