Have you wondered why healing is not as rampant as it should be..

Isn’t it because the wounds are reminded time and again but why would that take place…Well well well the answer could be the agenda behind spreading wounds maybe..If that’s not the case then why would one be reminded of their failures setbacks embarrassing moments time and again. ..Something to ponder upon..


Anyways, when that’s the case, there is a superb korean drama I watched I think it..after googling I now know its name “Its Okay not to be Okay”..the message was “remember it all and overcome it”..When the situation is such how about separating the unnecessary noise by this technique..The fault looks like in the human psyche itself as well that we do not remember good moments more..

A tip for the day: Let’s try sidelining the negative thoughts and overpower them with positive thoughts…Let us take charge of our day like a boss..Who is in charge?? ME ME ME..

P.S. Do check out the next post on “Do you know what is so very typical”…and let me know your reviews..Also what topic should I post next on..Thank you..

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