Have you seen anyone happy lately…try binoculars..

They say you got to have money but they have money too still the same..Oh I see, when they have more they will be happy maybe…From the rumours and gossip I hear, Mr. So and So is not happy because he got to take out some money now and then from the safe lockers(he doesnt get to save all of it you see). Mrs. So and So is upset being a housewife due to the fact beside being educated, she could not make her name in the society and only called Mrs. So and So. Mrs. Lo and Lo(imaginary surnames) is not happy being a working women as she finds the previous role of the women lighter which involved only household work. Mr. So and So also complains about not earning enough to earn a limousine and not being referred as an alpha in the neighbourhood. Oh I forgot to tell about Ms. Sho and Sho, she is unhappy becoz she gets to hear she doesn’t do a thing… I seriously say to you, no one is happy but the question is.. who is stopping them?? They themselves I guess!! Some courage to come out of their cocoon and take some difference of opinion with a grain of salt or focus on the most loved themselves not on the compliment that goes to somewhere near. One more way out, growing a thick skin to not get bothered by others opinion…Anyways, check out this course on how to overcome fear to be happy and self healing:




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