Are there born privileged??

There is a famous saying “born with a golden spoon”, will it be privileged??As far as it’s been proven, every circumstances in life come with its own share of challenges. Firstly, won’t the golden spoon attract many, who knows, someone may become the victim of seekers of the golden spoon. Making the most out of every situation is what might work. Isn’t it?? Noone can have everything in this world that’s been proven too time and again. Why not to make peace with it..Some great people have concentrated their efforts to the particular field in life which worked and given the results. There are so many records in the history to prove this as well. Then what’s the cynical remark of calling privileged, undermining the capabilities of creating a beautiful environment for themselves. Let’s call it the game “victim and privileged”. Its a boring game due to the fact there comes the halt before we can even play it. Ending this paragraph with a beautiful saying again, “We are all in some kind of a hell fighting with different demons”. Some fight taking it as an adventure smiling and enjoying whereas there will be some who will start crying putting down their weapons to end the war. Can’t say which method is right, confronting or escaping?? Both may work in different situations. Dictating who is right and wrong; who has gone through less suffering or more;who will be tortured more on the pretext of privileged or not, won’t it be dictatorship. Something to ponder upon…Cheers!!Love and light!!

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