I was called confused and lost as I didn’t follow the same pattern of sticking to a job and then climbing the ladder and reaching the higher grounds. I always looked for deep fulfillment and when I didn’t get it, I found whatever am doing futile  but while wandering and searching for internal satisfaction….I stumbled on teaching  profession  as it can be so life-giving and meaningful. So, I got my passion and I wanted to diversify and expand and grow in this field. I want to shake up this profession and try every aspect of making it more interesting and I got a way that is training which can make teaching field so much fun like conducting workshops. People say stick to a certain pattern but until your heart is not there and the soul is not happy with it. I would say break the pattern and keep searching till you find that one thing that defines you and make you happy. As there is no fun getting stuck to something just to earn livelihood…It make you internally dead. And what’s wrong in being lost, the journey is what matters not the destination Keep flowing till you get your pleasant abode.

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