Yes, this story is about meekly creatures…How meekly? You will get to know towards the end..So, all ears..let’s start…

There was a huge hairy beautiful monster who used to live among meekly creatures. The creatures were not very fond of the big creature because of its bigness…So they made a plan to curse and throw stones telling him “How ugly!!” “How disgusting you look!!”…It worked for some bit when this gorilla used to walk around with his head lowered to make his big frame smaller. Also, he removed his fur to make his appearance look cleaner as possible to be accepted and safe in its environment.

The beautiful creature

The big realization came when walking among other gorillas, he was clawed and mocked by other gorillas for being so strange..The light bulb moment happened when this gorilla realized that “he is the Gorilla”, that’s why he is huge, hairy and beautiful like gorilla and not beautiful like other creatures. This moment now on was a point of detriment for these wicked insecure meekly creatures…

Moral: We are all beautiful in our own way but if we deny our USP, we may cease to exist….

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