Life is what you make it…..You cannot blame it on others

I just recall a story of two sons. Their father was an alcoholic and they remember him coming home drunk in difficult times. They used to see him beating his wife and they grow up in this abusive and tormenting environment. When they grow up, One son became a drug addict and a criminal ending up in jail. When asked by the counsellor, why are you like that? The answer was I don’t know any other way as I have seen my father doing all this. It’s because of him that am like that. Then the counsellor enquired about his brother. He was a well settled person with a decent earning and living happily with his sons and wife. When asked him about the same question…that you grew up in the same environment and why are you so different? The answer was when I was growing up and I saw my dad living a miserable life…there and then I decided that am not going to be anything like that when I grow up..This is not what I want to be. Two sons with a different mindset..Their choices are different and that’s what make their life different as well..

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