Clothes can definitely add to the confidence because you are dressed up for your part to play. It reminds oneself of their duties and commitment that they signed up for. For instance: doctors wear their white coats, lawyers wear their black coats, sanyasis wear their saffron robes, politicians wear their white dress and so on.The dress code is surely the call for duty, that’s why there are formal dresses and informal dresses. The different occasions call for a different dress up to play the part. After stating the importance of the right dress up, there will still be variations and that is what reflects the different personality styles. The uniqueness in the styles to dress up is what needs to be maintained because that’s how we are going to look our best selves. It’s like telling a man to do two ponytails because it’s a girl’s office and every girl is doing two ponytails. Telling someone about the dressing style is like making them look like you. Before that kind of advise is even stated, giving a brief thought would be advisable because creating clones would hamper the unique creation of God. God might have created everyone with a different looking structure and face with a purpose. Cheers to the uniqueness which hasn’t made the things monotonous and static. Love and light!!

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