Being a strong person and believing in your ideals takes guts. There will be fewer people who will be coming your way, lending their hand as you look like a self-sufficient person and they feel inferior standing next to you because you make them feel so small.

A strong person constantly face struggles and hurdles and feels defeated but he or she constantly picks himself up and join all the broken pieces together and gets ready for a fight. They don’t believe in giving up and neither do they believe in sharing the stories of their defeat with others. There are very few people who like to boost them up because of their weak characters. So they become their own motivators and healers by the ways that they have discovered in their hard times. They have the courage and passion to follow their heart unlike others who have long back given up. These traits make them irresistible and attractive. So that creates jealousy and they make many enemies.

People who are strong enough and daring enough to follow their own path and are led by their heart are among the few. They are pure, passionate and want to fulfill their heart desires and don’t understand why other people don’t like them or believe in them. May be, because they don’t have the courage and audacity to see or face “different” people who have a brain of their own and believe in their own ideals and can carry on with their life journey all alone. Whereas, most people are comfortable in herds and groups and hide behind the ideals and principles of others.

The crux is that the strength of the strong people lies in their ability to stick and follow their own path even when others are disparaging and discouraging them about their stubbornness and weirdness but they manage to still return their belief in themselves and love themselves no matter what..

This is what strong people are like and they don’t need any hype. They do what they believe in and move on. They are the super heroes of this world!!