Regular Folks Risking Their Lives to Stop Hatred

In the wake of a terrorist attack in Egypt that left 21 minority Christians dead at the hands of radical Muslims, there was fear throughout the country that any Christian gathering was a target. So when Christmas Eve came just a few days later, Christians left their houses for church services feeling like there was a bull’s-eye on their back. And sure enough, what they found when they arrived at their Christmas Eve services was a mob of Muslims waiting for them.

The mob was there to deliver a very clear message: “If the terrorists want to kill you, they’ll have to kill us, too.” They were there to act as human shields.

In case you were wondering “Why would Christians even risk living in the Middle East in the first place?” you might be surprised to find out that Egypt is 10 percent Christian — Christians and Muslims eat at the same restaurants and go see the same movies, and by God, they’ve got each others’ backs when shit gets serious. Even in Iran, both Christianity and Judaism are legal and protected in their constitution.