Random Acts of Kindness from People Who Had No Reason to Care

When you work fast food, they’re really not paying you enough money to give a shit. In fact, one of the only upsides of the job is that nobody expects you to.

So, for instance, if you’re a delivery driver for Domino’s, it’s not like you have some close relationship with the people who greet you at the door. You probably don’t even remember them, unless they keep opening the door nude. So, when delivery driver Susan Guy realized that a particular elderly woman had mysteriously stopped ordering pizzas, what reason did she even have to notice? Maybe somebody opened a Papa John’s nearby. Maybe the lady went on a diet.

Maybe she died from eating all that fucking pizza

But on a hunch, Guy jumped in her pizzamobile and, on her own time, drove out to the lady’s house. She banged on the door. No answer. She banged on a window. Nothing. Finally she got a neighbor to call 911.

Stop and think about how foolish she would have looked if she were wrong here. Maybe the lady was just on vacation, maybe she had just run out to the store, maybe she would be furious that a stupid pizza delivery driver was nosing into her business. But when the cops came and forced the door, there was the old lady, lying where she had fallen three days earlier, unable to get to a phone.

No one else had checked on her, and no one else was going to. Except for pizza delivery woman Susan Guy, who had every right in the world to just shrug and go on with her day.