Recently Jennifer Love Hewitt, one of Hollywood’s most adorable and talented actresses, has been battling with the tabloids who decided to give her the career-killing “fat” label. Unlike many others, who just sit back and take whatever these rags dish out, she has taken a pro-active role to stop them from maligning her further.

Well, good for her! With girls as young as the age of 10 now crash dieting for fear of being labeled as “fat,” it’s about time that someone with real power stood up and fought back. Hewitt, the star of CBS’s hit television series, “Ghost Whisperer,” and a silver screen starlet in her own right, decided to do just that. It may turn out to be some of the finest work she’s ever done, making the valid point that a size two cannot be construed in any way as fat.

So this begs the question: who actually establishes the standards of beauty in the first place? The first thing to remember is that the standard of “what” and “who” is considered beautiful constantly continues to change. Cleopatra, who was considered by many in her time to be the most beautiful woman in the world, would by today’s standards be anything but beautiful; her features were sharp, her nose was too big, and her figure was often a bit on the “plump” side. However, in her time and place none of those things kept her from being considered beautiful.